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  • I just wanted to Thank You for a great job your men did in installing doors and windows. Mike and his crew where very knowledgeable about Marvin and professional the way they went about their work. But of course the best thing they did was keep a clean job.” –Thanks again

    Bart Hollander
  • We enjoyed the entire crew, they were respectful and pleasant. We love our new home and thank you for a wonderful experience.– Sincerely

    The Roses
  • Your guys were pretty awesome, Craig. As a homeowner signing up for a contractor you do not know is a leap of faith at best. Well, you guys were a home run in every aspect. Sally and I thank you guys.

    Mark B
  • Thank you so much for the wonderful work you recently completed at our home. It turned out better than expected and we could not be happier with the transformation. I appreciate your attention to detail, responsiveness and your ability to calmly talk me down off the ledge when my stress level got too high. And, there are not too many people who work late to accommodate a cat so I appreciate you taking them into account as well. Thank you again and Happy Holidays to you and your families.

    Gretchen K
  • Cross Construction did a complete addition to our home including a new living room, enlarging an existing bedroom, adding a bathroom, and an outbuilding with storage and carport. They are a very professional construction company. The schedule we started and finished within the projected time frame of 3 months. The work crews are very skilled, knowledgeable, punctual, hardworking, and friendly. They all went out of their way to listen to my input and make sure that everything was top notch. The work areas were kept clean each day, and materials were protected from the weather. The price was higher than other bids that we got, but well worth the end results! I highly recommend their services for any construction work you need.

    Lila Theis
  • Here are a few of the things we like about Cross Construction and its crew. 1) The work crew comes to work every day…with a smile on their face. 2) The work crew comes to work every day with a “can-do” attitude. 3) The work crew is ALWAYS respectful to my wife and myself; and always addresses us by Mr. or Mrs. Moretti: which, by the way, drives us crazy. We don’t like our friends to refer to us as “Mr. or Mrs.!” 4) Apparently, the Cross Constructions motto is “No problem” 5) The crew comes to work to “work”, what a novel idea. They arrive by at least 7:20am sometimes earlier (NEVER late)…and by 7:30 they are ready go to work. At 7:30 the taco, donut, coffee, BS time is over and they get to work. 6) First construction project we’ve been involved in that half the crew didn’t spend half their time on their cell phones. 7) First construction project we’ve been involved in that the superintendent actually showed up every day; worked; worked late when necessary; paid attention to any concerns that we might have; takes notes and UNBELIEVABLY, gets back to us with answers to our (usually stupid) questions…often on the same day!!! 8) First construction project we’ve been involved in that the work crew was also the PR Department. 9) First construction project we’ve been involved in that we weren’t angry and frustrated most of the time. 10) First construction project we’ve been involved in that the quality of the work; materials, management, craftsmen and craftsmanship have exceeded our expectations. 11) And in conclusion: this is the first time we have ever felt that we would be doing our friends and associates a favor by recommending a construction company!! That company being CROSS CONSTRUCTION. 12) One last thing: we usually don’t each lunch…but we now REALLY look forward to lunch on Fridays!!! Keep up the great work!

    Jill and Mike Moretti
  • Cross Construction did a complete addition to our home including a new living room, enlarging an existing bedroom, adding a bathroom, and an outbuilding with storage and carport. They are a very professional construction company. The schedule we started and finished within the projected time frame of 3 months. The work crews are very skilled, knowledgeable, punctual, hardworking, and friendly. They all went out of their way to listen to my input and make sure that everything was top notch. The work areas were kept clean each day, and materials were protected from the weather. The price was higher than other bids that we got, but well worth the end results! I highly recommend their services for any construction work you need.

    Suzanne Lesch Smith
  • A Truly professional Company - My wife and I wanted to add a room with a larger washroom included ,we ended up getting two bids for the addition. Cross Construction was not the lowest price but they definitely were worth the price. They were prepared the whole way from start to finish. The project manager, Mike would add in ideas on what would make the room more efficient whether it was outside lights or extra wood framing for a television wall mount. Mike would be here pretty much every day to monitor the work and make sure things we're done correct. Every week the Owner Craig Scott would come by to check on the progress of the job. They listen to what you want and I never had a problem with them or their workers. The addition came out great, it matches my existing home perfectly.

    Gary & Lisa Porter
  • This report is an overview of the bathroom renovation that was completed by Cross Construction. Based on Cross' recommendations during the preliminary project development, we also retained Bradshaw Design to design the project and guide us through product selections. We had decided to make our master bathroom more handicap friendly so we can hopefully stay here during our retirement . Most important was to have wheelchair access for the toilet and shower areas. There were wall and door obstructions that did not allow this in the toilet area and a standard shower without a bench that a wheelchair could not get in. Neither area was blocked for hand rails. During design discussions with Bradshaw, we decided to completely gut the room, replacing all cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, lighting, etc. and make a striking retreat in addition to the functional features. We received multiple bids and Cross was not the lowest. But it was the most comprehensive and the only contractor that suggested the help of a design consultant up front. After several meetings and much correspondence, we were convinced that the commitments made both in writing and verbally would be complied - and they were. Since we had never done any remodeling before, we went into this with no max budget in mind. That was a mistake on our part since the price was significantly more than we had thought it might be. By changing a few things, we reduced it a little, but we retained most of the project as presented and feel the finished product was absolutely worth the cost. The project was scheduled to last 6-8 weeks. It lasted from Oct. 23 to December 7 - right on schedule. We completely moved out of the master bedroom (including closets that are in the bathroom) to another part of the house for the duration of the project. A door to the outside from the master allowed the workers to use the room for a staging area and be completely sealed off from the rest of the house. This really helped as it kept the mess contained to one area. The two main Cross employees were the area supervisor, Ross, and project lead, Kurt . Kurt ran the project daily and was here every day either by himself or with several other Cross associates or contractors. Having the continuity of the daily presence of Kurt was a big deal, particularly after talking to other folks that had contractors disappear for a week or two during their project. Kurt - and everyone- answered any questions we had. Any minor - or major - thing that we mentioned was attended to quickly. If we didn't like a piece of tile, they would take it out and put another one in! They were meticulous about every aspect of the work.

    Ruth Ackles
  • Waid and I would like to thank you for the beautiful job you and your company have done on the remodeling project in our master bathroom. It has exceeded our expectations. We would like to compliment your staff for their professionalism, expertise, and kindness. From beginning to end, every single one of your staff took great care to do their jobs well. Joe was very careful in the demolition. He did an excellent job in getting the room ready for the carpenters to do their magic. The carpenters, Sonny, Mike, Ron and Kurt were really meticulous in their work. Not only are they experts, they are really nice people to work with. (Waid and I were told by our neighbors that, even they, missed “the crew” when the project was finished!). I would like to mention, also, that Waid and I left for a week during the project. Mike was working on the tile and was in charge of the project while we were away. We were informed, by our housekeeper, that Mike took great care in locking up the house every day. Also, I would like to compliment Mike on his excellent tile work, not only in the shower, but for the tile framing the fireplace. The walls in our bedroom and bathroom are not straight, creating technical challenges. However, when Mike was finished, none of those problems were obvious. He is a true expert and artisan. Buck is an expert painter. He and his helper did a wonderful job. And, yes, we really do love the color! All your staff was a pleasure to work with, including Ross, Martha, Melissa and Justin. We would like to thank you and your staff for making this a painless and, even, an enjoyable experience, with a beautiful result. Happy Holidays!

    Mary and Waid Rogers
  • At this time, I would like to commend two of your workers, Buck and Ron. Buck worked efficiently and quickly. On Friday before Labor Day, Ron began working on the back steps. He told me that I might not have steps for a few days. When I returned that evening I found the back steps in place…..Ron told me that he could not leave me without steps over a long weekend and therefore completed the steps prior to his leaving. Each evening Ron would cover the remaining materials in case of rain. He returned the dog house to its original location and did not damage the two plants that I asked he be cautious with. He made useful suggestions, showed initiative, and offered assistance when I needed to load my car with some items. All the employees conducted themselves in a professional manner. Please extend my thanks to all of your employees for putting up with my requests, my questions, and my animals.

    Sally Rios
  • It's just been a pleasure to work with them. Craig and his team didn't assume anything and always asked. Everything is so transparent, he is up front, and there are not hidden agendas. He estimated the project would take about 10 weeks, but it took about 12 because it is an older home. He doesn't use subcontractors and he is very attentive to the work that his employees are doing. They are just really nice people. They clean up after themselves every single day and their tools are organized. You can walk through and see exactly what has been done. He is a little bit more expensive, but it is worth it especially since his employees work for him. Craig is also very considerate of his employees because he arranged to have them work 4 days a week for 10 hours each day instead of having to drive out every single day since we live a little further away. If they say they are going to do something, they do it. When they were here they were efficient.

    William Blanton
  • Our house was built in the 1920's and subsequent work that had been done was substandard. Even though we moved out for the 4 months, due to the scope of the project, the house was left clean every night, and the garage was organized. We are so incredibly happy with our new house, I am calling Craig on Monday to do some additional work. Will use them again, and recommend them to everyone. Too easy. On to the upstairs....

    Donna Booker
  • I began the journey toward having some updates done in my home in March, 2011. Of the 4 contractors I interviewed and received estimates from, 3 were just going to put in new cabinets and countertop in my existing kitchen. However, when I met with Craig Scott from Cross Construction, he saw potential for changes that would provide a more functional kitchen and asked if I had ever considered using a kitchen designer (the configuration of my kitchen was less than adequate and/or functional); my response was "no, but was willing to look into it.” I could not have asked for better workers in my home for this 3 month project. They were most pleasant, hard workers, always punctual, took great pride (rightfully so) in their work, kept the jobsite clean, were respectful of me, my dog, my home. I was totally comfortable leaving my home to run errands or go to appointments while the workers continued on the project. At the end of every day my home was left clean and orderly. Tools and equipment were carefully gathered and stored out of the way, and the floors were swept and/or vacuumed at the end of the workday. I am extremely pleased with Cross Construction, Craig Scott, and all of his workers, the orderly progress, and how the project finally turned out. The changes resulting from this renovation not only look great but function exceptionally well. I will use Cross Construction again for additional upgrades in my home.

    Eileen Vaughn
  • Craig's team was punctual and professional. They cleaned up after themselves each day, leaving the premises neat and orderly. The work was completed on time. Craig came by and completed a complete inspection to make sure I was satisfied. I have since recommended Cross Construction to others and will continue to do so in the future.

    Sharon Collins
  • From our initial meeting to the final walk through we were fully informed of all aspects of the project. In describing Cross Construction what sticks out the most is the level of communication between the team and client, the attention to detail in all work, respect for the job site, our family while in transition and the level of honesty of all the team. The level of trust that was developed is one that was unexpected. Our finished product is wonderful in every way and we are pleased every day. We look forward to working with Craig and the team at Cross Construction for future renovations. We would highly recommend them to anyone wishing for a contractor that delivers in every way what is expected.

    Suzanne and David Dickie
  • I met Craig Scott through Richard Strickland, at the Marvin Windows Planning Center in Fredricksburg, Texas. Craig is the recommended installer for Marvin Windows & Doors in San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country. From the beginning we were very impressed with the construction foreman and remainder of the crew. They were courteous and professional throughout the project. Each craftsman was an expert in his field. The job was completed, on budget and 2 days early. The premises were left immaculate; all construction debris was removed, and patios swept. It is our recommendation that Craig Scott and Cross Construction Company be considered for any project that may be entrusted to their disposition.

    Samuel Smith
  • A couple of years ago I needed work done on my home. Being a widow and not quite up to par on these things a friend of mine told me to call Cross Construction since they had used them before. At the beginning I was just going to have the inside of my house painted and then sometime later go to a carpet company and get new carpeting. Well, after talking to Craig he said he could handle the whole thing. So, in addition to the painting job, I got new carpeting throughout the house and a new floor in the kitchen. Also, I had the old wall paper in my bathrooms removed and new countertops in my bathrooms and kitchen. To accomplish all this I had to pack up my house as if I were moving for three weeks. I turned over my house, car and keys to Craig, and went to visit my brother and family for three weeks. I returned three weeks later to what looked like a brand new house. I was just thrilled to death and could not have been happier. The main thing I have to say about Craig and his Cross Construction crew is THANK YOU!! I have never seen so many pleasant, courteous, helpful and honest people in my life. They walked in, out and through my house for at least four weeks on both jobs and they did it with pride and good workmanship. That is not easy to find in this day and time. One last thing --- a little old lady like me forgets things at times. When the first job was being done on my house, new locks were put on all my doors and Craig gave me my new keys. Well, I forgot and went out to the grocery store, came back and couldn�t get into my house. I called Craig and was needless to say, ashamed of myself! He came from across town to help me out. You have no idea how much I appreciated that and he did it with a smile. Then, of course, he put the new key on my key chain! So that also shows when you have good, honest, and thoughtful people at the top it runs all the way down through the people that work for you.

    Maggie Billings
  • We have had the pleasure of working with Craig Scott of Cross Construction on more than 3 occasions. By now, he has pretty much taken apart our 40 plus year old home and made it almost a whole new house. He and his team of professionals have installed a window wall in our living area, replaced carpet with beautiful hardwood, replaced old windows with energy saving new ones, and I could go on and on. Craig hires the best artisans he can find and then pays them well and treats them fairly and honestly. He does not believe in temporary day labor, and of course it shows in the attitude and professionalism of his workers. We were out of town during the installation of new floors; we gave Craig a key and felt perfectly confident all would be well on our return. He even kept an eye on the cat. When you hire Cross Construction to do a job for you, you can rest assured you'll receive an honest, turnkey operation with maximum efficiency and professionalism. We have the utmost faith in him and his team to come up with innovative ideas to any problem and their ability to bring them to fruition.

    Liz and Tom Malloy
  • We have used many general contractors in the last 10 years and Cross Construction is by far the most professional group that we have ever hired, all the way from upper management to each and every worker. They have been doing work for us for the last 7 years, correcting the mess that was done by previous contractors. The work includes painting, replacing old windows, replacing floors, and adding on a large room. Every one of these projects was done to perfection. The crew was promptly at our house every day. The wonderful crew worked hard, all day, every day and were always very friendly and respectful of our family and of our home. We could come and go as we pleased; never feeling like the workers would slack off when we left. The jobs were done according to the allotted time for that project. We will definitely be using Cross Construction on our future projects.

    Tres and Tami Adami